Why Theology Matters

Hanging over my place of study as a perpetual reminder of the inseparable link between good doctrine and practical Christian living and, thus, the importance of biblical theology to Christian ministry, is this incisive observation from Maurice Roberts in his wonderful book The Thought of God (p. 10):

The Reformers were first and foremost religious men...Their writings evidence this fact. None more so than Calvin's Institutes, which is a book about religion rather than a textbook on theology. The pages of Calvin's writings are instinct with a sense of the ineffable greatness of God and our consequent obligation to love, serve, obey and enjoy him. Calvin is not content to inform the mind. He challenges the conscience and warms the heart. His motive is to save his hearers, not just educate them.

Men, we must educate our minds scripturally with the goal of stirring our affections, resulting in transformed lives, all to the glory of God!



Practical Doctrine

This quote from C.H. Spurgeon reminds us what practical doctrine really is:

“In too many cases the sublime truths are held in abeyance under the pretence that they are not practical; whereas the very fact that they are revealed proves the Lord thinks them to be of value, and woe unto us if we pretend to be wiser than He.”

Excerpt taken from "Lectures To My Students"
XXIII On Conversion As Our Aim
pg 336



Iron sharpens iron,
So one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

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